DCAA Audits - Government Contract Accounting

Why Choose Us?

Do you need a governmental accounting specialist? Are you competing for government contracts at government agencies like the Department of Defense (DoD)? Is your business struggling to understand FAR regulations and DCAA requirements so you can pass your DCAA audit?

Can your CPA answer the following questions? We can.

  • What is job cost accounting?
  • Where do I find the contract values and contract types in a government contracts?
  • What is the difference among FFP, T&M, and cost type contracts?
  • What are the administrative requirements and the risk for each contract type?
  • What is labor distribution?
  • What is the correct way to bill a cost reimbursable contract?
  • What is cost or pricing data?
  • What are the differences among actual rates, forward pricing rates and billing rates?
  • What are unallowable accounts?
  • Where would I find the unallowable costs defined?

If not, maybe it's time you called Financial Advisory Systems, PLLC for help. We have extensive experience helping government contractors with their governmental accounting, tax planning and income tax preparation needs.

In addition, our President of Financial Advisory Systems, PLLC is a former DCAA auditor who is very skilled at helping businesses prepare for DCAA audits. Based on our extensive experience nationwide, we can help your business with federal, state, and local government contracts.

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