DCAA Audits - Government Contract Accounting

Rate Calculations and Incurred Cost Submissions

Government contractors with cost reimbursable or time and material contacts are required to submit a Final Indirect Rate Cost Submission within 6 months after the end of its fiscal year. Our Virginia CPA firm will prepare your incurred cost submission and submit it to DCAA and other agencies on your behalf.

Our Virginia CPA firm has extensive experience with Incurred Cost Submissions. We are owned and operated by a former DCAA auditor so we understand how time consuming and confusing the process can be.

With our help, we'll ensure all allowable costs are included in your submission along with supporting data. Just as important, we'll ensure costs that are NOT allowed are excluded, which can help you avoid DCAA audit issues and additional penalties for your business.

We offer the following Incurred Cost Submission services:

  • Computing actual rates
  • Billing rates for cost reimbursable contracts
  • Reviewing your government contracts to determine compliance requirements
  • Adjusting accounting records so they are consistent with FAR and DCAA requirements
  • Identifying allowable indirect rates
  • Reviewing files for costs that are not allowed
  • Preparing the incurred cost rate proposal
  • Compiling supporting documentation for the submission
  • Interface with DCAA on your behalf

If you need assistance with calculation of indirect rates and incurred cost submissions, we invite you to call John Beauchemin at our office at 571-379-5828. We offer a consultation for area business owners.